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This tool bends wooden strips with ease. Place your strip on the wooden form and heat it by moving the plank bender over it several times. Soaking the wood first will make this job even easier! Reg price US$45.00 web price US$34.95

Bending wooden planks is as easy as turning the knob! Simply soak the strips and feed it through the rotating guides. Sturdy molded plastic and metal construction.
Reg price US$22.95

164-157-8 THE KNOTCHER
(plank bender)
The Knotcher allows you to bend dry wood precisely. This tool scores the inner side of the plank bending it the strip accurately and quickly. Spring action, steel blade. Made of unbreakable plastic.

165-150-0 NAIL NAILER
This tool will make nailing a breeze. The Nail nailer only takes a slight bit of pressure, so it won't mar delicate surfaces. Spring loaded.
Reg price US$23.95 web price US$19.95

Don't forget these! Extra nails to be used with the Nail Nailer.

102-717-2 NAILS: BRASS 04MM (100 PCS.) US$3.95

102-708-3 NAILS: BRASS 06MM (100 PCS.) US$3.95

181-611-3 NAILS: BRASS 07MM (200 PCS.) US$4,50

183-442-6 NAILS: BRASS 10MM (200 PCS.) US$4.50

181-612-5 NAILS: BRASS 12MM (200 PCS.) US$3.95 (same size as nails in "Nail nailer")

Make it easy to taper hull planks to the exact angle needed. Adjustable jaw opening holds planks firmly in place while you plane them down. Metal construction with a plastic body.
Reg price US$60.00 web price US$54.95

138-825-3 BLOCK PLANE
Use in conjunction with the Plank Tapering tool. Robust steel construction.US$18.95
(Not like picture. We have replaced this with even a better tool.)

To be used in conjunction with the PLANK TAPERING TOOL .
web price US$12.95

Needle files

139-465-0 FILE SET: ASSORTED FILES (6) US$14.95
Used for shaping and filing detail parts. Six different shapes: Equaling, Rat tail, Knife, Triangular, Square and Half round.


104-458-4 SLIDE LOCK TWEEZER US$5.95
Also known as a "Rigging tweezer". Usually used two together, when there is a need to hold lines while tying knots.

104-463-5 REVERSE TWEEZER US$5.95
Used to hold small pieces for extended periods of time while glueing or painting without damaging work. Non serrated jaws.

104-456-0 CURVED TWEEZER US$5.95
Also known as a "Nailing tweezer". Used to hold nails or rigging lines while passing them through blocks. Serrated jaws for a firm grip.

162-658-8 STRAIGHT TWEEZER US$5.50
Serrated jaws for a firm grip.

183-121-6 Part Picker US$5.95
Great for picking up small parts. Can even be used to screw in miniature light bulbs and screws.

This draw plate has 82 tampered holes used to make "trenails". Trenails are wooden dowels used to attach planks to the bulkheads. You can resize dowels or make your own dowels by drawing the strips of wood through the successfully smaller and smaller holes until you reach the the size you want.
Reg price US$26.00 web price US$20.95

104-462-3 PINVISE WITH 4 CHUCKS US$9.95

104-454-6 COMPLETE DRILL SET W/CASE #61-#80 US$45.95 Special US$34.95
Drill set comes in a plastic case.

individual Drill bits

168-681-3 KEEL CLAMPER
You can use this special vise for every stage of construction. This vise is fully adjustable. Rotate your ship 360 degrees. Tilt your model to make it more comfortable for you to work. The rotating aluminum bars out fitted with two sliding metal grips. The metal clamp attaches to your work bench with two brass bolts. This tool will accommodate any keel up to 1/2" in thickness. US$89.95




You can use this special vise for every stage of construction. Tilt your model to make it more comfortable for you to work. The KEEL CLAMPING VISE will accommodate any keel up to 1/2" in thickness. US$29.95

195-149-8 Fair-a-Frame
Guarantees a straight keel with perfectly aligned bulkheads every time! Designed to accommodate virtually any size keel, it makes plank-on-frame hull assembly fast and accurate. Base 24" x 4-1/2"
Reg price US$49.00 web price US$44.95

101-522-8 T PINS
T pins are not only easier to insert, more importantly they are easily removed without breaking the the bond of glue. Remember to twist the pin before removing them. 100 nickel plated t pins. US$4.95

168-682-5 THE GRIPPER
A new and easy way to hold small sub assemblies. File, drill or paint difficult objects to hold. Reg price US$40.00 web price US$35.95

195-253-9 Hull Planking Clamps
Laser cut plywood planking clamps eliminate unsightly holes in you bulkheads, and you won't waste time screwing in and removing threaded planking clamps. They also hold you planks firmly in place while you glue, drill, measure and taper. Each clamp is 1" square, and includes a metal screw with wing nut and two 1/16" diameter brass support rods. Assembly required. Set of 6. Use with bulkheads 3/16" or thicker. It is recommended that you work with two sets at a time. One for each side of the ship.
Reg price US$16.00 web price US$13.95

. Designed to be used at just about any angle. Head tilts, turns and rotates. Threaded sleeve locks head into any position Metal jaws with protective rubber pads cushion the jaws so that your work will not be marred. Lever operated suction pad adheres to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface.

Maximum Distance Between Jaws: 3" (76mm) Jaw Width: 2.75" (70mm)
Height: 6.75" (171mm) in full upright position US$54.95

100-190-2 LOOM A LINE
Ensure equal tension on your rat lines. This is a handy tool made of unbreakable styrene. 30 brass studs can be placed in any configuration you choose. When you string the rat lines, you prepare both sides of the ship at the same time, guaranteeing perfect symetry.
Reg price US$39.95 web price US$29.95

168-015-2 BEES WAX BLOCK
Marvelous stuff for taking that fuzzy lint off of your rigging line. Also helps reduce tangling of lines. 1/3 of an ounce comes in a convenient vented plastic case. Also helps preserve rigging. US$6.95

195-787-0 ROPEWALK
The Ropewalk lets you turn ordinary thread into realistic 3-strand scale rope quickly and easily. No complicated mechanics, bobbins, rails or trucks. The Ropewalk has only two main parts - the gear head and the tail end. It lays up (twists) any thread or cordage into high quality rope in all the necessary lengths and diameter to fully rig your model. You can make larger diameter lines for larger scales, such as anchor hawsers, tow lines, shrouds and stays by starting with two, or even three strands. Also great for western-motif kits such as stagecoaches or covered wagons & Civil War artillery.web price $39.95

*Easy to assemble and operate
* Laser cut basswood parts
* High quality nylon gears
* All necessary hardware
* Illustrated assembly and operating instructions
Note: C-Clamps not included.

Knives, saws & replacement blades


183-106-4 EASY CUTTER
Designed to make cutting wood strips quick and accurate. Cuts Stripwood up to 1/2" thick. Features built-in protractor and 45, 60, 90 and 120 degree angles.

104-449-5 KNIFE SET

WOODEN BOX SET MFG $70.00 US$49.95

Displays Metric, Decimals & even Fractions!
Professional quality 6" (150mm) electronic caliper provides accurate inside, outside and depth measurements with a maximum deviation of only 0.02mm over 100mm. The touch of a button changes measuring units from inches to millimeters and large 7mm LCD display is easy to read. Mechanical parts are hardened and ground stainless steel; housing and fitted storage case are made of industrial plastic. The entire unit is waterproof. Includes a 1.5v silver oxide battery for 4000 hours of operation. US$46.95 web special US$39.95

Displays Metric or Fractions!
Electronic caliper provides accurate inside, outside and depth measurements. With a touch of a button this caliper changes measuring units from inches to millimeters. Display is easy to read. Mechanical parts are hardened carbon fiber composite. Housing is made of industrial plastic. Includes two 1.5v silver oxide batteries for thousands of hours of operation. Only requires one battery to run unit. Web special US$23.95


102-456-8 Fine brush set
Set of three Red Sable round brushs, sizes 0, 2/0 (00), and 3/0 (000). US10.95
102-485-9 Super Fine brush set
Set of three Red Sable round brushs, sizes 4/0(0000), 5/0 (00000) and 10/0 (0000000000). US$10.95
102-388-3 Regular brush set
Set of three Red Sable round brushs, sizes 1, 3 and 5. US$10.95
181-116-3 Flat brushs set
Set of three Ox Hair flat brushs, sizes 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2". US$10.95

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