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Dinghy Wooden Row Boat Kit

A beginner's first boat kit is an important choice. Our beginner's boat collection contains all wood boat kits that are perfect for the aspiring boat modeler. Which are very popular and styled after full size counterparts. They re-create the flavor of their full size counterparts and simulate full scale construction techniques as simply as possible. - Enjoy them.

#103-519-3 THE DINGHY
This model of a small 10 foot Dinghy is simple to construct and a great looking display model when finished. It is an excellent project for those interested in full scale small boat construction. The version modeled here is an Amesbury style dinghy designed for use as a yacht tender. It is as good looking as the fanciest round-sided craft, yet much more practical for beaching on the stony coasts of Maine. With its flairing sides and slightly rockered, narrow bottom, it rows and tows with minimum fuss.
Dimensions: Length: 10" Beam:4" Scale:1" to l' foot (1/12)
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Wooden ship Glue sets

Ship building tools: specialized tools to aid in planking & rigging.

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